Our selection of finishes & fittings


Crossbanding is a decorative means of defining areas with a crisp and elegant frame or border, controlling the viewer's perception to either increase the prominence of details - the perimeter of a drawer, perhaps, or a frieze below a cornice - or conceal them. By crossbanding the edge of a hinged table top, as with our sofa table model 2029 featured on page 203 of our catalogue, the eye is encouraged to see the top as a whole and is distracted from the join.

Our choice of seven cross-bandings is attached and are available on most dining tables.

We can offer beautiful detailed finished pieces with either Water or Oil gilding to complement each piece of furniture and give a truly magnificent finish. Our leather desks can also be completed with a gilded flourish using one of our decorative wheels.
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Leather Finishes
We offer an exclusive range of Arthur Brett hand dyed leather colours synonymous with the hides used on our desk tops and upholstered chairs. In-house specialists undertake all leather work tasks.
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Nailing and Studding
Choose from our range of upholstery nailing colours.
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We offer a complete upholstery service for our clients in their own material and have direct contacts and links with leading suppliers of the world’s best fabric houses. We can obtain many forms of decorative upholstery trimmings such as piping, gimp, jacquard and brocade, to name just a few, in a myriad of colours, styles and textures to add the finishing touch to any project.

We are also able to offer the opportunity to treat your fabrics to meet the requirements of the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations.

Please view details of our wide selection of veneer types and our selection processes here.
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Wood Finishes

Please view our wide selection of over 20 standard wood finishes.  Our master polishers also have the capability to match new pieces to your own colour choice or to compliement existing furniture.

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Unrivalled Quality

The finishes that we apply to our furniture have been developed over many years and add a special distinction which has been recognised all over the world. In most cases, for example in dining tables, the finish is applied totally by hand and this craft and technique is known as French Polishing.

Whilst there are certain standard finishes which embrace the style and period of Regency England, any special colour or finish can be matched to a client’s requirements.

The high-level of craftsmanship and knowledge we provide grants each and every customer the opportunity to customise their piece. Our in-house service can offer advice on the selection of our finishes and specialist hardware knobs, handles and feet either from our own exclusive ranges or for specially commissioned pieces.