Staff outing 1912

A Brett's staff day out in 1912. Our staff outings may have changed, but our tradition has not.

A truly British history

Arthur Brett's roots in furniture date back five generations as far as the early nineteenth century with chairmaker John Brett, born in Norfolk in 1815. His son Jonathan T. Brett followed in his father's footsteps and in 1870 set up his own business making and selling furniture - along with his six sons. One of those sons was Arthur, who became a successful antiques dealer and who then gradually expanded into the reproduction of period style furniture. He set up in his own right as Arthur Brett in the 1920s with elegant showrooms in St Giles Street, Norwich and later in London's Fitzroy Square.

The company's experience in restoring priceless antiques gave Arthur and his team of craftsmen the expertise to create authentic and museum-standard reproductions. This tradition of quality and craftsmanship continues to the present day.

Over the years, the firm has established its reputation for making the finest English furniture, with their committed teams of craftsmen, most of whom have served the firm for decades. They have passed down to successive generations the traditional skills and techniques of which any 18th century cabinetmaker would be proud. With this wealth of history and experience Arthur Brett is uniquely placed to offer the finest hand crafted bespoke furniture and architectural joinery for 21st century living.

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