The finishes that we apply to our furniture have been developed over many years and add a special distinction which has been recognised all over the world.

Joanne Hetherington, Director.

True Craftsmanship

The many skills which are needed to complete each piece of furniture have been handed down for more than a century at Arthur Brett. Today, gifted young craftsmen are trained under the company's own apprenticeship scheme, and thus the skills of the older master craftsmen are passed on to the younger generations.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in each piece of furniture. Veneers and timbers are carefully chosen, however long the search for the perfect piece. Specialised brassware is cast to ensure that even the smallest detail on the handle or a castor is equal to the best of the 18th century. Attention to detail is the company's watchword, with elaborate inlays of exotic woods featuring on many pieces, from extensive stocks of rare materials.

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